Oahu – Guide away from the Tourist

Oahu: Off Beaten Guide Away from Tourists.


Koko Head Stairs: the are not really stairs. It is really more like staight up the mountain. Go at 5:30am to avoid the tourist.

Waikiki Run around Diamond Head

Hikes: Most of the hikes outside of the tourist areas like Koko Head, Diamond Head are steep wet and usually and can be dangerous.

Kuliouou Ridge Hike: See the view from above. You can see everything from Kailua to Downtown Waikiki.

Ka’au Crater: Scale the side of waterfall

Warning: most hikes which on ridges are muddy and slippery during wet season. During the dry season, make sure you bring plenty of water because dehydration is a real issue.

Food = Grinds as the local call it.:

Music: Blue Note: https://www.bluenotehawaii.com

Waikiki:https://www.halekulani.commoana surf rider 


Koko Head Cafe: Top Chef Lee Ann Marie Wong’s Place https://www.yelp.com/biz/koko-head-cafe-honolulu. Definitely one of my favorites. It used to be my must go place. I stopped going here since it is full all the time and I have pretty much had everything on the menu. I now opt for:

Kaimuki Superette since it is no more for the locals and fewer tourist. If you are feeling fancy, then I recommend Chris Kajoka’s place Miro. His former restaurant was Senia which was amazing. For Brunch, they had a Shakshuka and Deep Fried Duck Confit and Waffles as if you didn’t need any more fat.


Mitch’s Fish Market: If you are just coming from the airport. This place is amazing. Nothing fancy but unbelievable sushi.

Sushi Izakaya Gaku : Somes this place is a 3 months wait. Japanese tourist hang out here.

Omakase – @sushi inside Ohana Market Place or Sushi Murayama are both awesome. Both do A5 Waygu musubi. Enough said.


Sushi Muriyama:

Okonomiyakihttps://www.yelp.com/biz/okonomiyaki-chibo-restaurant-honolulu-2?osq=Okonomiyaki I haven’t been here for over 5 years. It was amazing since they make it right then and their for you.

Tane – Vegan Sushi. This is the same menu as ShiZen in SF’s Mission District. I have grown not to like vegan sushi since its starting to taste all the same to me. However my wife still likes.

Vegan: Juicy Brew. My friend, Jenny founded this place. It is pretty amazing.


Farm to Table:https://www.yelp.com/biz/merrimans-honolulu-4
Kaimuki Superette

Ice Cream:


  1. Foodland Market,
  2. Young’s Fish Market
  3. Yama’s Fish Market
  4. Tamura’s : https://www.tamurasfinewine.com/
  5. Taneoka’s fish Market: Family connection
  6. Ahi Asassins when the open back up.

Spam Musubi: Musubi Cafe IYASUME


  • Pipeline Bakery for Malasada’s and Cake Bombs – for Leonards.
  • The Bread Shop for Yummy Croissants.
  • Le Tour for Vietnamese/ French/Japanese Fusion Bakers.
  • Liliha Bakery at A la Moana: Coco Puffs
  • Kamehama Bakery: Poi Donut

  1. Coffee: Curbed – Kaimuki, Bean About Town – Kaimuki, Coffee Talk – Kaimuki

Chinese and Viet: Most Chinese and Vietnamese Places Suck if you are expecting it to takes and look like Vancouver, LA or Bay Area. However if you must:

North Shore:Shrimp Trucks.. Haleiwa. 
Beer: Local Brewhttps://www.yelp.com/biz/off-the-wall-craft-beer-and-wine-honolulu

Romantic:Roy’s Hawaii KaiHotel Restaurants are nice. Open air to beach…
Kailua- Santa Cruz/ San Diego Hawai
Kailua Beach
Surfing Winter:South Shore:

Ramen: Noods: For Bay Area folks this is comparable to the places on Castro Street or a place in J-town in Mountain View. It is not on the same level as Ramen Nagi or Orenshi.

Noods: Avoid

Shabu Shabu: Atsuka Nabe is really great. My in-law from Japan says it is really good. I agree.

Wat Thai Temple – Pearl City – One or two Sunday they have a lunch at the Thai Temple. Best Thai food you will get. Street food style. None of this different level of spice. Only one. You don’t need to bring your own MSG. It is in it already.

Mediterranean – Istanbul… If you have a craving, this is the only place to go. All other places are pretty much junk.

Save it for the mainland. However if you have a craving….

  • Italian – Brick Fire Tavern for Neapolitan Pizza. It is pretty good. Just don’t look for fresh burrata or anything you expect in the mainland.
  • Indian – If you insist, go to Maharani…
  • Greek – No Suggestions. Leo’s Taverna — really bad
  • Fallafel- Shaloha nope. tasteless fallafel
  • Mexican – Supposedly there is a good food car place
  • French
  • Vietnamese – If you must… https://www.phooldsaigon.com This place is the close you will get to Westminster and San Jose. It even has Che’ which I was shocked to find. Legit


  • Bay View – Par 3 Kaneohe – Muddy and can wet during winter months.
  • Hawaii Kai Par 3