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The Future
Half Viking and Half Rice Eater Cousin’s son equals GODZILLA.

I first founded this blog to help my friends to better understand the upsides and downsides in any home improvement and construction project. I want to highlight the pitfalls and help people set proper expectations so they will know how address the challenges of any home improvement project.

I have worked over 15 years in the home improvement industry. During that time, I helped many people with different clients and partners from all different backgrounds (social economic and cultural). I learned everyone wants to find someone they can trust when they were spending lots of money. No one wants to be ripped off or uninformed. I have celebrated with my clients the success and been scolded (yelled at, cussed at, Yelped shamed for their personal problems in their own life, etc.) when things do not go according to plan or expectation. In-spite of that, we need to find solutions to the problems.

My goal is to help you learn, laugh a little and show you how to make good decisions based on my experience (also know as my mistakes or in construction language your #%@! ups).

Michael is currently the Managing Director and Owner of the design build company, Bridges MR. If you want any help with your home for new construction and remodels, please contact us at bridgesmr.com.

Michael was the Vice President of Artistic Stone Kitchen and Bath for 9 years where he managed both designers and installation teams. Prior to that he was busy getting this MBA from Santa Clara University in 2005 while wearing a white lab coat at several biotech companies looking for cures to various cancers and HIV. What got him into the home improvement industry was his childhood love of Legos and painting and his desire to help people which traces to his Christmas break in college at Macy’s and working as a Busboy at Stanford University over the summers. Michael has a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from U.C. Santa Cruz.

Here are several highlights from his diverse career:

  • Helped Artistic Stone Kitchen and Bath with an Inc. 5000 award for fastest growing company in America in 2008
  • Won a NARI Meta Award in 2008 for a Kitchen Remodel
  • Co-authored 4 Patents in Cancer and Stem Cell Research
  • Published in 2 Scientific Journals (Stem Cell and Nature Biotechnology).

I dedicated to the following teachers who impacted my life. Dan Seitz, High School Science Teacher. Mr. Jang, High School Art teacher. Art Adams, Junior High Art Teacher.

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