Hire Me

Hiring Me: Building & Consulting

My main business is investing and developing homes. Please visit geonoma.com if you are interested in working with us. Geonoma helps people invest in the Bay Area. 

If you are interested in hiring me for consulting on your BUILD or REAL ESTATE purchase. Please email me at info at geonoma.com. Below highlights several ways I have consulted for my Bay Area Clientele.

Real Estate Purchase/ Construction Project Evaluation: 

Help out with 3rd party analysis of property purchase.


  • Assist in hiring contractor (architect, interior designers, general contractor, etc.)
  • Help client interview contractors
  • Work with clients to access their needs of whom they will need to hire for their home project.

Design:  (Exclusive for select clients.)

Why not to hire me:

  1. Want someone to go shopping with.
  2. Have no idea of what you want.
  3. Have too much time
  4. Hired the cheapest general contractor on the market
  5. Acting as home owner builder.
  6. Need full service design and architectural service
  7. Need furniture or home decor

Hire me:

  1. Understand what you want in your home design
  2. Working with an Architect but enjoy the process of picking out some fo the design elements
  3. Hired a General Contractor and not a team of subcontractors
  4. Need help making final decisions on product and placement of product.
  5. Lack time. You and your spouse work long hours

Services offered:

  • Product Selection and Procurement
  • Product Quality research by talking to people in the trade and not relying on Amazon Reviews. Talk to people who install and repair.
  • Color Consultation:
  • Design Kitchen and Bathroom Layouts
  • Project Manager for the homeowner: Help the homeowner stay on top of their general contractor and architect.