6 Steps to Co-creating Your Dream

1. Imagine and Dream Together

Where is your imaginative mind taking you? Do you want to recreate your last Bali or your Provence experience? How do you want to live and celebrate life with your friends and family? These are the questions our team will discuss as they work to identify your dreams and needs. We will be the matchmaker for you based on our conversation.

2. Create the Concept: What Will the Planning Permit Allow Us to Do?

Once we have identified your goals, we will analyze your lot to see how we can maximize your dreams on your property. As general contractors, we take care of the “not so sexy” but necessary aspects such as utility connections and sewer laterals. Our design partners will take care of the “sexy,” such as architectural, interior, and landscape design.

3. Smart Choices and Decisions: What Do You Value More?

During the design process, we will learn what you value so we can create ways to meet your budget in design and construction. Given our development background, we understand the cost drivers and where they show up and look out for the unknowns.

4. Putting Your Dreams Forward: Pulling the Permits?

Relationships with cities and managing their expectations is about getting things done efficiently. The city and county’s role is to make sure your contractor is not doing a bad job. Think of them as third-party quality control, but sometimes their suggestions are inconsistent. This is when we work with them to find optimal solutions.

5. Building your Dream: Construction Starts

The first step in your project is deconstruction and demolition. We have developed a plan, and we have begun to take action.

This is an iterative process where unknown issues arise due to design changes, unknown circumstances, and inconsistencies. Some of these challenges can arise from a field inspector’s interpretation of the codes for the city’s planning and building department. Our role is to address these issues and move the project forward for our clients. This step is vital to keeping your budget where it belongs and creating your dream in a timely and effective manner. We make it possible through our expertise and proven results.

6. Concierge Service: Maintenance and Warranty Support

Keeping your dream alive. Sometimes, the products that are installed need tuning up like a car. It is not unusual for some lighting products to have a manufacturer defect that shows up several months later. We stand by our work and are here to help.

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