You have heard of horror stories of remodeling. Well, it happened to my parents again. Despite having an insider’s advantage from their son, me who had been hiring and firing contractors for 7 years.

(What the hell Dad?)

“Your project ran 6 months over. The budget was blown by 40K, 20% over. Only! Mom wanted to kill you and I had to listen to her every week. I hand picked a company that I subcontracted for 4 years, know the owner and would have finish the project on time and close to the targeted budget he proposed.”

“You picked the mid priced company but their pricing ended up to be the same as the highest price company in the end. What the….?”

“Your contractor, who was a referral from the architect is not calling back. What the….? Well you are lucky it wasn’t the church referral who ran off with grandma’s money.”

“Your knuckle head contractor thought you were an idiot even though you are a lawyer and Ph.D.. How do you communicate with him?

“On your final inspection, you discover this… I wanted to scream! Mom was screaming!


You want a remodel done because your house is not functional and it is dated. You want it to look like the pretty pictures on Houzz, HGTV, or Dwell. “How do I get started, while working full time, have a family and limited time?”

By the way, half the stuff you see on HGTV is fake and unrealistic. How do you scrutinize online reviews? So…how do you get smarter?

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About Michael Mok:

Rehabbing Casa was founded by Michael Mok after seeing his parents and friends go through hell and almost kill each other. Michael is a residential developer, designer and builder.

After running two different construction companies for over 10 years and hearing all the challenges his friends and family had during their remodel. He wanted to share his strategies and tactics on Design, Remodeling and Building to make it easy for smart people.

My goal is to help you be smarter, efficient with your time, show you how to make better decisions than me based on my and other people’s #%@! ups.

Michael got him into the home building and improvement industry after rediscovering his love of Legos, painting and helping people. This what lead him to lead his company to win the Inc. 5000 award for his last company, Artistic Stone Kitchen and Bath fastest growing company in America.