Palo Alto – Southgate Neighborhood Whole House Remodel with Design Loft

Week 14 First Coat of Stain for Hardwood

Week 14 of our Palo Alto Whole house Remodel:

How does it look like to integrate new wood floor to existing hardwood flooring?

Different color woods.
How does the stain up take? Come back next week?

We are working in wrapping up this project in a couple of week before the family moves back in.

General Contractor:
Bridges MR

Interior Designer: Design Loft

Week 12: Hardwood Flooring Start

Walk through me to follow the progression of a whole house remodel in Palo Alto’s Southgate Neighborhood.

  • Two Bathrooms
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade
  • Structural Engineering
  • Termite Damage
  • Window Installation
  • Closet Size changes
  • HVAC Relocation
  • Rewire entire house

This week we completd the following:

This week:

  • NEST security system install
  • Shower Glass Doors
  • Custom Mirror Install
  • Painting complete
  • Hardwood floor start

Week 11 Update:

Project Scope:

This week:

  • Cabinet Install Completed
  • Counter tops are in both bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Tile Work is 98% completed (Showers and Backsplash)
  • Hardwood Flooring staining starting
  • Electrical Finishes Start
  • Plumbing Finishes Start

Week 9/10 Video:

  • Kitchen: Cabinet Installation
  • Master Bath and Hall Bath: Tile Installation. Red Gard waterproofing product. Here is the info for Red Gard.
  • Sheetrock: Skim coat and sanding for painting

Week 8:

We had 3 inspection last week.
1) All Trades: HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing
2) Waterproofing inspections for both the shower pan and the walls
3) Sheetrock

Set the shower pans
Float the floors

Cabinets arrived.
Window install

Week 7:

More of the same as week 6.

Week 6: 

Project update of whole house remodel. Update on structural, electrical and framing. Kitchen and bath design update.

Week 5:

I forgot to save to my phone on Instagram. 

Week 4:

I forgot to save to my phone on Instagram.

Week 3: Demolition Continues as structural engineering starts.

As we demo more, more damage is found. We are working on the items below:

HVAC duct work start
Electrical work in progress
Bathroom 1: Plumbing Relocations, Plumbing work
Master Bath:
Door Changes
Kitchen – Structural Work – Foundation Pier Foundation Pour

Week 2: Demolition Continues

Summary of Week 2:

Demolition continues as well as construction:

  • Closet Build out in front bedroom
  • Hall Bath: Plumbing relocation. New Cooper lines going in.
  • Termite Damage removal
  • Master Suite: Shower pan build out
  • Structural Beam set up. 

Key Discoveries: Termites and rat nest. 

Challenges we needed to address. Structural difference after demoltion.

This is one of the most common issues which arise when we are not able to open the wall up. Some of the support structures are different than expected so we have to call the structural engineer out to review some of the framing. 

Design change:
Homeowner decides to change out all the doors since they look old. Ordering doors will take about  2 weeks before arrival.

Week 1: Demo Starts

What does a Fender guitar and Raclette Cheese have in common?

Bridges MR is creating a home for the Noveau Francais family in Southgate.

Scope of Work for Week 1: Demolition starts

  1. Asbestos Removal from the old HVAC ducting and the duct boots.
  2. Demolition of:
    1. Remove Cabinets from Kitchen
    2. Bathroom Tile and Cabinets
    3. Closet
    4. Electrical Panel
    5. HVAC Unit Move start
    6. Hardwood floor
  3. Install Security Fencing and Bring Toilet to job site.



Our family loves to cook and play music with the cello and Fender and acoustic guitars while whipping up classic French provincial dishes such as Boeuf Bourgenon and Raclette in the winters. This family of four recently purchase a lovely home in the Southgate neighborhood of Palo Alto. This house is everything they wanted however, the space layout was not up to date with modern living.

Design and Build Process:

Design Phase:

We started working with our design partner, Hellen Hsieh of Design Loft to come up with an interior design to remodel the following: kitchen, bathrooms, windows, skylights, closets and master suite.

Here are the steps we took to achieve the design phase.

  • Understand Homeowner’s needs, design preference and wants with questionnaire.
  • Draft existing floor plan
  • Draft new floor plan with an open kitchen.
  • Design bathroom tile layout
  • Design structural engineering to open up the kitchen to the living area
  • Design kitchen cabinet layout
  • Design closets in master suite and coat closet
  • Design HVAC system to maximize heat distribution.
  • Pick finishes (appliances, tiles, cabinet, floor color, lighting, windows, skylight, finish trim, door styles, counter tops and finish trim).
  • Verify permit requirements with the City of Palo Alto

This process took about 5 months of going back and forth with design with the homeowners. We stared in August of 2018. We pulled permits in early March of 2019.




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