Light and Open Redesign of 1950’s Rancher

We transform this old 1950’s ranch home into looking unrecognizable home for today’s living.

“No more I Love Lucy Home. Welcome to NorCal Modern Rancher.”

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Show Notes: Walk Through Sequence

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Santa Clara Project Demolition and Plan Changes


Current Project: 600 Square Foot Addition:


The homeowners recently purchased a 1950’s ranch home with 3 beds 2 baths 1,284 sq ft. in Santa Clara. They wanted to add a Master Suite so they can have 2 master suites available as an additional master suite when their in-laws visit.

  • Add a Master Suite
  • Remodel three bathrooms
  • Remodel Kitchen
  • Add Laundry Room
  • Remove old Roof and replace
  • Paint the entire interior and exterior
  • Match existing Stucco to the new
  • Add exterior ledger stone to the exterior wall
  • Change out existing hardwood floor
  • Add two gas insert fireplaces plus new chimney
  • Change all new doors

Current Design Background:

By the time, I was brought on to the project, the floor plan set already. The owners didn’t want to make any further changes because they had been waiting close to a year to start the project.

Hiring Issue: 

The architect who was referral from several coworkers did not provide a full set of plans which delayed the start of the project.  Before the general contractor could move on, the architect failed to complete energy calculations (Title 24) and pull the permits from the city. He claimed that it was not his responsibility but the general contractors.  This delayed the project about three weeks. In my experience working with architects, it is responsibility for all the plans as well as pulling the permits from the city.

Comment from an Interior Designer I work with:

“We are now seeing cheaper architects are not completing the drawings such as plumbing and HVAC and the Title 24 Home Energy Calculations.”

Old Floor Plan:

Existing Floor Plan

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Myth: Great Hope My Remodel will Cost Less

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Mid Century Modern for Today


Mid-Century Modern on a Budget - kitchen2Modern is Simple but Challenging.

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Noe Valley Modern Row House

This was a project I worked on in Noe Valley. This design was amazing. The place was like a showroom.


Obscure glass barn doors

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Bright Windowless Bathroom – Modern Scandinvian

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How do you design an interior bathroom to overcome a lack of natural light while making it look like a spa for your in-laws/grandparents and unexpected guest who enjoys bringing over a beerzooka to a wine tasting party.

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Modern Scandinavian Kids Bath

Show notes:

“Rubber duck duckies. Joy oh joy.” Children’s bathrooms can be fun, functional and chic while protecting it from destruction from young rambunctious boys. I will show you how effective design is integrated into modern living. I hope I made this bathroom safer because boys will be boys even if they are in their late 30’s.

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