Drought Killed Yard? Low H2O Awesomeness Mod Scandinavian

Drought tolerant is beautiful. Lower water landscape retreat and resort is the new vogue. No more high maintenance lawns to mow on the weekends. Just enjoy your landscaping. You do not have to get down on your hands and knees anymore.

Key Features: Drought tolerant landscaping. Trex Decking, Cal Stone Pavers, Connecticut limestone pavers, Native Plants. La Nina resistant. Drought tolerant is beautiful.

General Contractor: Palo Alto Home Improvement

Show Notes:
0:12 Intro
0:21 Videos used to help you define your remodel
0:33 Landscaping is critical for curb appeal
0:35 Pea gravel for the transition between the road and the house
1:00 Concrete paver material is thick
1:12 Pavers are replacing traditional concrete slab
1:22 Concrete will crack over time
1:32 Individual pieces will not crack like concrete slabs
1:44 Uplight to highlight the gorgeous redwood trees in the front of the house.
2:04 Morning ferns in the front of the house.
2:11 Change the heights of the plants to give it some variety.
2:34 Hardscape versus softscape definition
3:00 Native landscaping
3:06 Forium
3:19 Plant
3:19 Diamondia is a drought tolerant ground cover. Awesome stuff.
3:53 Crawling vines will break up the large fence
4:08 Camellia Plants
4:10 Hydrangea
4:11 Festica Rubra, Native Grass
4:14 Blue Oak Grass
4:16 Backyard
4:17 Trex Decking
4:19 Trex is recycled plastic and wood. Long lasting material
4:34 Wall surface of fence is lined with Jasmine.
4:44 Pea gravel sitting area.
5:02 Tree will bloom a pink color
5:43 Different colors and surfaces create an interesting space for living.
6:21 Goal is to make all spaces warm and fun to live in.

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