How to be a Successful Customer for your Remodel?

Show Notes:
0:03 Best Customer for a General Contractor
0:06 Ideal Customer
0:11 People need to know what they want done
0:17 Have rapport with General Contactor
0:25 Called References
0:27 Educated by watching videos and looking at interior design magazines and websites
0:40 Homeowner goes to work and and general contractor works on what they are experts in.
1:06 Partnership with Architects and Interior Designers need to be mutually beneficial

For more info about Cindy Carey:

Starburst Average Prices:
Kitchen Remodel: $75 starting
Master Bath: $45K starting
Hall Bath: $35K starting

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Michael Mok

Hi, I am Michael and this is my Interior Design and Home Remodeling Blog. I started this for my friends who started calling on a daily basis to ask me about tips on everything from Interior Design to Hiring Contractors.

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