Myth: Great Hope My Remodel will Cost Less

Watch Cindy and Michael discuss the different items which can influence the cost of a budget. Many Bay Area homeowners think remodel cost will cost less due to watching the numerous HGTV shows which are based in metros markets outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Budgets are different for many reasons such as the construction finishes.

What are finishes? The finishes can be defined as every item which the general contractor, interior designer or architect needs to specify for your project. For example, your toilet paper roll holder, towel bar, door knob, paint color, wall texture, etc. The list goes on…

For more info about Cindy Carey:

Starburst Average Prices:
Kitchen Remodel: $75K starting
Master Bath: $45K starting
Hall Bath: $35K starting

Show Topics

0:00  Misnomer is cost of the remodel
0:08  People always think it will be less
0:11   Starburst Construction will budget for the high end to be conservative
0:34  Budget given is typically a range
0:44  Homeowners get stuck on the lower number of the range
1:04  Finishes will affect your final cost
1:30  Finishes definition
1:35  People are shocked at the pricing
1:41  Different parts of the country. Items such as tiles, flooring material, hard wood floors costs are different


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