In California, when El Nino comes flooding can happen on your property. How do you prevent it and capture the water? Michael and Peter discuss the basics of drainage.

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Key Concept: Drainage:

Show Notes: What can you expect when rain comes?

  • Winter and Spring Concerns in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    • Flooding & Drainage Issues
  • Drainage prevents
    • Termites
    • Flooding
    • Erosion
  • Drainage:
    • Divert water from foundation and home
    • Connect drains to gutter system
  • Keep water on property and not dumping water onto the street
  • Savvy homeowners will:
    • Capture the rainwater and store it
  • Summary:
    • Prevent Damage
    • Recapture for irrigation.


Extra Credit: Bob Villa is the man. Here is a link for more information. Click Here.