Beware of the Designer who enforce their vision on You

Michael and Cindy discuss how homeowners hire architects or interior designers who looking out for themselves and not the client, you the homeowner. Watch so your project doesn’t get hijacked by the architect or designer you hire.

Show Notes:

What are common misconceptions of the industry?

Architects and Interior Designers’s vision not in line with you.

One technique: Don’t hire self promoters.

Beware of arrogance….

Michael recounts a story of a Sunset award winning architect who gives him a hard time.

Considering what is function design versus design that looks good.

Think about your teenager or two year old child will smash it to smithereens.

Work with people who are solutions driven.

Award winning Architects:

Cindy talk about award winning architects. Starburst Construction is an award winning contracting firm.

Avoid having a bias towards architects being the only smart person on your team.


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