How to Get a Good Bid from a Plumber?

Hi Guys,

If you ever wonder how you to get a good bid for a plumber? This is the tip I tell all my friends. You can get it straight from Yussef of Rayne Plumbing. One of my favorite pluming companies in the Bay Area. They are not paying me to say this.

Enjoy this 2 minutes of fun. We get joke around towards the end but it’s all good.

Show Notes:

(0:13) How to save money?  Tip 1Know what you want.

(0:24) How to find out what you want?
 (0:44) How to save money? Tip 2: Do some work yourself for new sewer line.
(1:24) Do it yourself with repipe?
(1:55)  Doing it yourself is a workout.
More info about Rayne Plumbing:
Click here for website.

Rayne Plumbing has served San Jose for over 50 years! Our staff has terrific customer service and we never impose travel charges for plumbing requests within 60 miles of San Jose. Our plumbing services covers everything from emergencies to inspections, installations and repairs.

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