Santa Clara Project Week 1 Video

This video series documents a remodel and addition in Santa Clara, CA. This project is in the Pruneridge neighborhood which is minutes from a the new Apple Spaceship Headquarters. I will post pictures of the project and videos as the project progresses.

Hi! This is what week one of a remodel and addition construction project looks like. We walk through to go through the current house and look at all the architectural and design changes the homeowner wants. This house needs to be outfitted for kids, adults and in-laws.

Show Notes:

House Plans Overview:


Kitchen Plans Zoomed in:


– Entry Living Room – Add a fireplace, skylights

– Master Bath – Add master bath attached to the Master Bedroom Suite

– Master Bath Room – Build large walk in closet attached to house.

РRoof РThe roof line needs to be rebuilt to accommodate for the addition. As the project progressed we discover the roof needs to be completely replaced due to termite and dry rot damage. This was an unanticipated change.

– Bathrooms – Change dated look to the bathrooms.
– Bedrooms –¬†Get rid of the wall paper which made the entire home inconsistent

– Flooring – Initial thoughts was to keep the floors but later on during construction. Severe termite damage was discovered which required them to change out all the wood throughout the house.

– Plumbing – Change out all old plumbing

– Electrical – Change out all old electrical

Note about termite and dry rot. This is very common in most homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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