California Ranch Home Remodel – 4 Months

Four months have past in this California Ranch Remodel in Santa Clara, CA. Check out the progress of this project as it comes along.

HGTV makes remodeling and construction happen with light speed. It also shows guys and gals well dress with a sledgehammer taking things apart demolition. They also show compressed timelines of project completion. The reality is that nothing in construction happens that fast. Permit times and wet weather delays the project. Unexpected issues arise when walls are opened up to find additional damage.

In this remodel and addition project, we needed to add a roof to the addition. Initially we thought we didn’t think we had to change out the entire roof because we could just attach the addition to the old roof. However, we discovered the old roof was buried underneath the existing roofing material and damage required the owner to change out the rest of the roof.

You will also see that the following:

Key Topics:
– Lighting Design: Skylighst, Sun Tunnels and Lighting location.
– Gas Fireplace Inserts
– Bathroom Design
– Kitchen Design

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