Bright Windowless Bathroom – Modern Scandinvian

by Michael Mok– Get Updates of New Posts Here:

How do you design an interior bathroom to overcome a lack of natural light while making it look like a spa for your in-laws/grandparents and unexpected guest who enjoys bringing over a beerzooka to a wine tasting party.

Show Notes:

Interior Bathroom – [0:38]

LED light above shower [1:02]

Liner 12×24 wall tiles: [1:18]

Wall Hung Sink for handicap or elderly parents and grandparents [2:12]

High Faucet to make it easy for washing. [2:40]

Heated Floors with NuHeat [3:15]


Material Specs.

Vanity Bar Light: LED light from Lamps Plus

Recessed Light in Shower: 6 inch LED AirTight

Mirror: Home Depot

Faucet: Hans Grohe

Floating Sink: Duravit Happy D

Custom: Glass doors

Shampoo Shelf:  Samsung Quartz Diamond White. (Samsung makes a lot of products)

Floor Tiles: 10×20 Pulpis by Faenza from Tile Shop

Wall Tiles: Imola Vein B from Tile Shop

Floor Heat: NuHeat

Towel Bar: Mr Steam Heated towel bar. (That is a real brand. No Mr. Clean.)

Toilet: Kohler Persuade (Yeah. Persuade.)

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