Modern Scandinavian Kids Bath

Show notes:

“Rubber duck duckies. Joy oh joy.” Children’s bathrooms can be fun, functional and chic while protecting it from destruction from young rambunctious boys. I will show you how effective design is integrated into modern living. I hope I made this bathroom safer because boys will be boys even if they are in their late 30’s.

Kids Bathroom Info:

Room Dimension: 5 foot wide by 10 foot

Double Vanity for children to use at the same time.

Shower Tub Combo for convenience.

Floating Cabinet for modern look.

Show Breakdown

Swivel tub shower door Temper Proof (all glass are tempered proof) [1:11:]

Hans Grohe Thermostatic Diverter Valve for Temperature control. For comfort and safety. [1:28]

Wall Tiles: Loop Mosaic Tiles from Jasba, DSA [1:48]

Lower tub for easy access for the kids [2:04]

Heated Towel Warmer [2:21]

Vanity Floating Vanity from IKEA Lacquer finish. Easy clean Stylish. Ample Storage [2:38]

Advantages of Floating Cabinets [3:02]

Materials Specification:

Floor: 12”x24” White tiles from Happy Floors with NuHeat heated floors

Tile Baseboard: 12”x24”  Ekru Pearl White Tiles Happy Floors

Shower Walls: Jasba Loop Tiles

Tub: Acrylic Tub (I don’t remember the brand.)

Towel Warmer: Manufactured by Mr. Steam

Faucets: Hans Grohe

Shower heads: Hans Grohe

Toilet: Kohler’s Persuade model (Persuade is an odd name from marketing perspective. I am convinced that a guy fan of the comedian, Dave Chappelle. I don’t think I need any persuasion.) The toilet was not shown in the video.

Mirror: Purchased at Homegoods or Michael’s

Cabinet: IKEA Godmorgan Braviken in high gloss gray

Sink: IKEA trough acrylic sink

Lighting: Lamps Plus LED Bar light

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In this video, we discuss the importance of incorporating the natural beauty of the lot into the home. We’ve created a warm mood through the use of natural tones on the walls, the floors and the tiles, in addition to the proper placement of the windows and lights. In your home, the right floor plan and meticulous interior design will influence your mood and family life. Our goal is to make this influence a positive one.

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