Peanut Farm Remodel – Portola Valley

Peanut Farm Remodel – Portola Valley

Project Scope: Remodel two bathrooms at the Peanut Farm in Portola Valley. This was a collaboration between Pat Del Gavio Group and myself when I was at Artistic Stone Kitchen and Bath.


The Peanut Farm is a traditional shingled cottage barn house. We need to modernizes to meet the design of today. The owners bought the property and the guest house was never remodeled in over 30 years. This tile installation is very complex because there was lots of time consuming customization of the baseboards and the shower curbs.

Material Specification:

  1. Bath Floor: Ismalia Cream Honed Limestone from Carmel Stone Imports 
  2. Hallway Floor: Refinish hardwood to dark stain
  3. Baseboard: Ismalia Cream Honed Limestone Slabs
  4. Walls Tiles:  Mosaic: Merge Blended Mosaic (Limestone and Marble Mix), Pale 3 x 10 Limestone, Liner: Align Dome and Rex Crown Limestone Liners Manufacturer: Jeffery Court: Chapter 11 Align Series
  5. Countertop:  Ismalia Cream Marble Slabs from Carmel Stone Imports
  6. Cabinets: Restoration Hardware
  7. Faucets, Fixtures and Hardware: Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures


Demolition: The old wall was set on a really thick piece of concrete along with the walls which made it harder to demo.

Window: The window in the small hall bath required a piece of custom glass to be fabricated and then encapsulated by tile.

Material Issue: The tiles which we received from Jeffery Court had two different colors even though we had ordered the same part number. This made our order short of material.

Tile Installation: The floor leveling was a issue because we had to adjust the height of the floor to transition to be the height of the hallway. Certain areas was close to 1.75 inches higher.

Custom Work: Since we need to custom manufacture the shower door transition and the shower pan.

Plumbing: There was termite and dry rot damage in the shower pan which required repair which affected our timeline. The plumbers also had to replace lots of pipes in the wall because they were really old.

Timing: All these issues affected the drop dead timeline because the owner was having a party with lots of guest staying over. We worked weekends to get this project completed.

Special Care: Limestone is beautiful however, it is very susceptible to etching. The counter tops was etched within two weeks of use despite sealing it.

Degree of difficulty: This job required my best tile setting teams because the work was very meticulous.


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