5 Simple Pleasures for 2016.


1. It’s Not Marble.

Neolith: Ultra Compact Porcelain

Quartz are the most popular countertops today. My favorite brand is Caesastone. They are like Apple’s iPhone. They make the best looking material everyone else is just an imitator for now. However, they better look out because Dekton and Neolith will probably starting taking over the next decade since they use digital printing technology.

Neolith: Looks like marble but has the strength and properties of porcelain tile

2. Cooking with Steam.


This new kitchen appliance is set to take over the microwave oven or make you buy another appliance.  You can steam your fish like at the Chinese restaurants or your vegetables at the hofbrau. People claim microwave is bad for your health but I have yet to see a true scientific study.

Here are some Medline Articles if you are curious:

You don’t need to drop $6000 on a  model from Wolf to bring it home. (Wolf 24″ E Series although it is pretty sweet) Cuisinart is will set you back about $300 on Amazon or at Bed Bath and Beyond. “Drop it like it’s hot.”

3. Versatile and Elegant: White and Off White

Barron Park: Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

According to National Kitchen and Bath Association 81% of the kitchen used a white or off white scheme. I did.

Why is white popular? It is the ultimate neutral tone which allows you to accent it whatever color you want.

  1. White cabinets compliment well with light and dark counter tops.
  2. White Cabinets allow you to have more open kitchen even if your space is small.
  3. White reflect more light so your kitchen is brighter and not a the “Bat Cave”.
  4. White cabinets allow you to use mosaic tiles as an accent wall.

4. Need more Champagne: Look in the Door:

1489-1008-1009 ad 9_pro 48 dualfuelrange 48_v5_g7c1_300_psd
Pro 48 By Wolf

Low tech is awesome. Just look through the fridge door.

Husband/Boyfriend/Lazybone: “Shorty! We are out of beer.”

Shorty/Wifey/Fine Dime Brizzle: “Buy it yourself!”

5. Don’t be a Square

You don’t always have to be a square. How about:


Jasba Loop porcelain tiles in a bathroom


1 inch welded hex
Jeffery Court Ashland & Halsted – 1″ Hex Welded 

Elongated Hex

Jeffery Court Ashland & Halsted: Elongated Hex Mosaic


Oceanside Glasstile

Collection: Tessera
Pattern: Pave
Color: Mica blend

Photographer: Chipper Hatter

Designer: Cathy Aroz

Wallpaper Pattern

Oceanside Tiles

Collection: Devotion
Pattern: Cathedral
Color: Bewitching blend

Photographer: Chipper Hatter
Designer: Cathy Aroz


  1. Michael, Both Michael and I enjoy and appreciate seeing these new ideas and trends. Thank you! Happy New year – let’s see what is in store . . . KC


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