The Worst Time of the Year to Remodel Anything

Welcome to my very first YouTube Interview.

Intro: I first met Cindy Carey, COO, Owner and the face of Starburst Construction when we served together on the board of National Association of Remodeling Industries. This interval series will address questions many times homeowners (industry outsiders) do not know.  I interview people who I trust and believe are be industry experts.

Why is this the worst time for the year for remodeling?

Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells…………….
Show Notes:
0:03  The Holidays Season is the worse time to remodel.
0:15  Last minute projects happen before Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas and New Years.
0:32  Early January is Dead
0:53  Client trying to move in one month ealier.
1:01  California has been in 5 years of drought
1:11  El Nino
1:12  50% delay when working in the rain due to the humidity
1:27  Traffic, working outside, drying time
1:47  Landscaping in the winter is heavily weather dependent
2:00  Dirt is 2 times heavier
2:14  Whole house remodel delayed
2:29  Nanowall door system – Accordion collapsible doors
2:40  Popular in California and Hawaii
2:51  In California, you cannot move into the house until you pass final inspection.
3:20  San Carlos CA Project – Inspection lead time about five days out.
3:33  Inspection during the holidays
4:03 is longer
4:15  Holiday Party
4:15  Bay Area Inspection times are about 2 week delays at times.
4:33  Title 24 Energy Efficiency

About Starburst Construction:
Starburst Construction has been recreating spaces for homeowners since 1974. Owned by Phil Carey, National Certified Remodeler (CR), Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP), National Green Certified Professional (GCP) and Cindy Carey, Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP), National Green Certified Professional (GCP), GreenPoint Rater (GPR). Starburst Construction provides design and construction or construction only of new homes and renovation projects. Whether it is a new kitchen, bath, addition, landscaping or a new home, Starburst Construction uses time tested systems and procedures that makes the process an easier one for homeowners.
Areas that Starburst Construction Serves:

Los Altos
Los Gatos Hills
Menlo Park
Mountain View
Palo Alto
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Clara

Starburst Average Prices:

  • Kitchen Remodel: $75 starting
  • Master Bath: $45K starting
  • Small/Hall Bath: $35K starting

The picture above is a remodel of a Eichler which was completed by Starburst Construction.

Starburst Construction Company (License # 580070)

Tel: (408) 448-1328
Fax: (408) 266-1851

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