Value Engineering will Prevent a Heartbreak in your Budget

A young couple’s architect gave them advice which failed to meet their budget which led them to selling their house. If they had hired general contractor to evaluate their building options, they would have learned they could have done a addition to the back of their existing house.

This story talks about the importance how the general contractor and architect needs to work with each other from the beginning. Homeowner’s need to talk to general contractor’s to get a good idea of budge based design.

Starburst Average Prices:
Kitchen Remodel: $75 starting
Master Bath: $45K starting
Hall Bath: $35K starting

For more info about Cindy Carey:

For Show Notes:

0:03 Team Approach with Architects and General Contractor
0:11 Want clients that trust GC(General Contractor)
0:20 Looking for Team orientated Architects
0:28 Bring GC (General Contractor)in together early on to determine budget
0:34 Value engineering and cost analysis early on
0:41 Heartbreaking story of young couple who wanted to live near their parents
1:12 The couple wanted a to add a one bedroom and one both.
1:39 Couple
1:50 ended up selling the house based on the initial plans drawn by the architect.
2:09 Cost $25,000 for plans(price is 10 years ago)
2:16  Couple Remember Phil and Cindy who thought outside of the box.
2:22 Please talk to your architect about involving the General Contractor early on
2:35 Look at budget based on preliminary sketches


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